The meditation and mindfulness methods of the Dream of the Good have been used and tested in schools in Sweden and Norway for 14 years.   Thorough research has shown them to be an effective remedy for the growing problems of violence, emotional inbalance and failing self-confidence among students of all ages.  

The methods are adapted to the limited resources of schools and to teachers’ existing workloads. They function well at the different school levels – from preschool to high school – and have been enthusiastically endorsed by students, teachers, principals and researchers.The methodology is fourfold, the exercises can be used separately or together and their results have been documented by research.
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“The class is much calmer and you can reflect on your inner being because everything is so quiet and the atmosphere is much more peaceful than it used to be. Eventually, the stress disappeared with the relaxation. Now, it’s almost totally gone, I don’t feel the pressure anymore.”

Student 8th grade, Oskarshamn


Recent research projects highlight programs effectiveness

Several research programs conducted by educators at universities in Sweden and Norway show that the methods have remarkably positive effects such as signifikcantly improved self image,  reduced psycho somatic symptoms like headaches, stomage aches and sleep disorders, reduced stress, increased tendency to non violent behavior, improved peer relationships among the students, an increased sense of well-being. The research results also show that the atmosphere in the classroom improves and that the ability to concentrate and focus on school work increases. The teachers implementing the methods in their student groups declare that they also experience a heightened wellbeing.

An evaluation shows that in two large preschools the long term sick leave among the teachers was reduced from 50 %  when  the methods were introduced to zero after a year's implementation.

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About the Dream of the Good

The Dream of the Good is a methodology for health and peace designed to create peace and quiet in the school environment and counteract aggressiveness and violence. It is a resource for teachers, students, parents and educators - anyone wishing to try new ways of helping  students improve their own health and wellbeing and ability to learn.

The Dream of the Good began in 1995. The network of teachers, principals, educators and schools can be found throughout Sweden and Norway. Thousands of students have participated in the rogramsince its inception.  

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The Network of the Dream of the Good consists of educators, journalists,
psychologists, medical doctors, physiotherapists, therapists,
corporate leaders and others. Here you find parents and grandparents, our certified instructors and all the individuals who support our vision of more peace and quiet in the School.

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Together we are strong

The Dream of the good is a modern network organization - or organism.   ?It has developed in the meetings between people who know that - yes, we can help our children and grandchildren and create peace and quiet in school so that they will be able to relax and find their inner strength.

The inspiration and feeling - we can - springs forth from within us where our great resources are. I have met young people who came up to me after a lecture and said: "Is it true? Do we have a treasure within us? Why has nobody told us that before! It is so important, we should talk about it every day in school, and we have never talked about it!"

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Stillness is one of the most
important aids in order for
children to be able to pick up information and feel comfortable

Jill Schröder, Elementary school teacher.

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